April 3, 2019


Babes Brunch- Celebrating the Success of Women

Babes Brunch- Celebrating the Success of Women in Portland, Oregon 

Babes-Brunch- womens- networking-portland-oregon

Babes Brunch is created by Mae and Co Creative 

Letting your local wedding community know you're offering wedding consulting services along with your party styling means networking and telling every one you meet how EXCITED you are about the services you're offering.  When the Babes Brunch came up, I had to go!

Held at The Evergreen in SE Portland, an event space with circular windows to let the light stream in, beautiful brick walls above and white wood paneling below make this space versatile for any wedding theme.  Maple flooring adds a touch of warmth.  There's a mezzanine above with a staircase leading down to the event space for couples wanting to make a grand entrance, a place to get ready for the wedding or a cozy space for guests to relax from the partying below. The space doesn't feel big, it feels intimate, even though it can host 445 people on the main floor.

The theme for this Babes Brunch was day light disco. I can get down with that. I've never been a night owl. And I had the perfect dress for it that I picked up at Target a few years back on sale. I KNEW there would be an occasion for that dress.  If you've been a fan of Fizzy Party for awhile, you know I love to dress the party theme. If you hire me as your wedding consultant and want me there on the day of your wedding, I'll totally dress your wedding theme.

Upon arrival we checked in and received a small linen bag filled with a champagne sucker from Leccare Lollipops.,   drink tickets and a list of vendors. The sounds of dance music fill the air from DJ Brizzle.   Straight to the bar to get a drink mixed by Public Provisions.  Drink in hand, it's time to mingle and network.


Keys to Networking

Being an extrovert, networking events fuel me. I enjoy meeting and connecting with people I don't know. Especially people in the same industry as myself. You never know what opportunities can come out of networking.  It's easy for me to say don't be a wall flower. But seriously, Don't be a wall flower!  You could miss out on so many great connections.  Just walk right up to someone and say Hi I'm so and so and I'm a...  More people at these networking events are feeling the same way you are and probably appreciate you initiating the conversation.  And OWN what you do.  Even if you're just starting out as a photographer, stylist, makeup artist etc.  When someone asks you what you do, don't say, I'm kind of a photographer/stylist/ etc.  Say, I'm a photographer/stylist etc. And OWN it! I've been styling parties for 6+ years but at this Babes Brunch I wanted these ladies to know about my wedding consulting. Sure I just started it this year but when I walked up to people I said, Hi, I'm Tiffany of Fizzy Party, I'm a wedding consultant and I said it with confidence. If you say, I'm sort of a... people aren't going to take you as seriously and not want to refer clients to you or have much faith in your ability.  


After I got my drink it was time to network and make connections. I saw a woman standing by herself, walked right up to her and said, Hi, I'm Tiffany of Fizzy Party, I'm a wedding consultant. We ended up having a great conversation and come to find out, she works with more high end couples, where as I want to work with couples who want to plan the majority of their wedding themselves but need a little help.  She told me she has couples inquire with her for services but aren't a good fit and she said I sound like the perfect fit for them. Woohoo! All because I walked right up to her and introduced myself.  I chatted with a few more ladies before it was time to sit down and eat.

I didn't eat much at the Babes Brunch but that's only because I'm so damn picky. Seriously. The food by Crown Paella must have been really good because all the other ladies ate it all. Here's what was on the menu-
*Pink Lady Apple Turnover- cute little turnovers that were pretty tasty actually, Considering I don't like cooked apples.
*Spanish Tortilla with Farm Eggs and Yukon Gold Potatoes- I would have liked these better without whatever sauce they had on top. I didn't like that.
*Warm Wrapped Dates with Sesame, Cilantro and Preserved Lemon- I'm not a fan of dates but I tried it. I may be picky but I will try foods.
*Sherry Glazed Bacon Wrapped Quail Eggs- My first time ever eating a quails egg.  Definitely more flavorful than a chicken egg. But, doubt I'd eat them again.
( I told you I was picky)

Main course-
*Mixed Young Lettuces with Pickled Cherries, Smoked Almonds, Fresh Snipped Herbs and Sherry Vinaigrette-  This was ok. I'm not a fan of mixed spring greens.
* Crown Royale Paella which included chicken, mussels, clams, prawns, chorizo, saffron and peppers. I don't like the taste of anything that lives in water so... you guessed it, I didn't eat any of this.
* Verdura Paella which included artichoke hearts, sweet peppers, foraged mushrooms, green beans, saffron, gigantes beans, sofrito and fresh herbs.  I tried to scoop up just the artichoke hearts and green beans.
I know, I know, I'm impossible.  I am so not a foodie.

While I didn't really eat anything at this event, it was still worth attending. The connections made was worth it.  After eating it was photobooth time and more mingleing.  I ended up connecting with a florist and two photographers and we're planning a styled wedding shoot in the beautiful wine country of Oregon.


Oh you know I was all over the dessert 😁 Surprisingly I'm not that picky when it comes to dessert.


As much as I love attending networking events. What lights me up more is helping you with your wedding planning.  Contact me at Tiffany.fizzyparty@gmail.com

Babes Brunch vendors-
Design and styling- Mae and Co Creative
Venue- The Evergreen
Florals- Brier and Ivy
Catering- Crown Paella
Bar- Public Provisions
Specialty rentals- Vintage Meets Modern
Rentals- Party Place
DJ- Brizzle Official
Paper Goods- Seek Paper Co
Lash bar- Styled by Mal
Photobooth- Smirk Photobooth co
Desserts- The Hungry Hero
Photo- Bethany Small
Video- Jessica Heron Images

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