October 24, 2018


Pumpkin Patch Halloween Graveyard

Pumpkin Patch Halloween Graveyard 

pumpkin-patch- sauvie-island-oregon

One of these years I'll buy so many pumpkins that I'll have a pumpkin patch in my backyard. Than I'll of course throw a party and invite all my friends and we'll take a bunch of pics in the Fizzy Pumpkin Patch.  I better start saving now. Pumpkins are pretty inexpensive but to really make a cool pumpkin patch, I'm going to need A LOT of pumpkins. 


Create your own backyard graveyard

Set up some Styrofoam tombstones, throw down some plastic bones and add some pumpkins. The tombstones and plastic bones you can get from craft stores and online.  You could make your own tombstones if you want certain sayings on them.  But if you don't care what's written on the tombstone, save yourself some time and just buy the pre-made ones. 


The dry grass from not watering it over the summer really adds to the graveyard look. It's been pretty warm here in Portland so the leaves haven't really fallen yet.  The graveyard would look even spookier with fallen leaves and dried dead leaves. 


I need more pumpkins. And maybe some hands coming up out of the ground. Zombify the graveyard. 


This year I went out to Kruger's Farms on Sauvie Island and got my pumpkins.  I also picked up some delicious caramel apples. 

Pumpkin-patch-Halloween-graveyard- decor


Do you create a graveyard a your house for Halloween? 

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