October 22, 2018


Halloween Party- Black Cats and Pumpkins


For this years Halloween party I went with a black cats and pumpkin treats theme.  It was a small party with just a few friends so I didn't go all out.  I didn't even create a backdrop! I chose the theme because we adopted two black cats this summer and I love pumpkin treats. 

Fill the table with pumpkin treats- 

Pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread, pumpkin salsa, pumpkin popcorn and little chocolate pumpkin cakellets. It's pumpkin over load!! 


The Poplandia Pumpkin Spice popcorn is delicious. It's the taste of the season in your mouth. 

Halloween-pumpkin- treats- pumpkin-spice-popcorn

Halloween-pumpkin-treats-poplandia- popcorn- pumpkin -spice-popcorn

I spotted these little pumpkin cakelletes at Trader Joe's  and had to get them for the party.  They're aren't pumpkin flavored but they are pumpkin shaped.  They were too cute to pass up. 

Pumpkin-cakeletts- Trader- Joes- Pumpkin- cakes- Halloween - party

Halloween-party-pumpkin-cakeletts- Trader- Joes

Unexpected cupcake stand- 

Have you ever thought of using a cat scratcher as a cupcake stand? It's a fun unexpected way to display your treats. Just make sure the scratcher is brand new before you use it.  I chose to display the pumpkin bread muffins on it. The muffins made for great party favors. I like to send guests home with edible flavors.

Halloween-black-cat-party- cat-scratching-post-pumpkin-bread

Get creative with your macarons- 

Oh my cuteness!!!  I asked Sprinkle Made to make some black cat shaped macarons for the party filled with salted caramel.  They turned out SO cute! And they were very tasty.  It was hard not to eat just one. 

Black-cat-macarons- cat-party-macarons- Halloween- macarons

Look at that cute little face! 

Black-cat-salted-caramel-macarons- cat-adoption-party-Halloween-party

Party guests- 

Meet Healey, one of the cats we adopted from Kitt Crusaders.  He thinks he wants some treats too.  


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