July 25, 2018


Etsy Shop is Closing

In 2013 I started a new venture and opened an etsy shop.  It all started with tulle wreaths I was creating for party bloggers to use in their parties.  I expanded the shop to include tulle poms, felt banners and glittery items.

Halloween- tulle - wreath

I opened the shop because I like to craft, it's fun to see my items at peoples parties, you know  I love parties and it would be a way to make some money for Fizzy Party.


I've been fortunate that all my customers have been happy with items they've ordered and have received 5 star ratings from them all.

So why have I been struggling with the decision of whether to keep the shop open or close it?

  • I've been told by other bloggers that it doesn't really fit and it's confusing because it doesn't match my blog. 
  • The shop has been open for almost 5 years and I've made 77 sales. That's 15 sales a year. 
  • The shop is the only place I make money for Fizzy Party and with just 15 sales a year, I'm not bringing in much money.  It covers my etsy fees and blog domain fees and that's about it. 
  • In order to really have a successful shop you need to really work at it.  Pushing the shop consistently, adding new items weekly and having professional photos taken. 

I've been waffling back and forth between really focusing on the shop and pushing it hard, adding new items and re-doing all the photos or just closing it so I can focus on something else. If I keep the shop open I have to seriously push the shop which will eat into the time I have to bring you party inspiration.  If I close the shop I feel like it would open up space for new opportunities.  Is keeping the shop open holding me back from pursuing something I was meant to do with Fizzy Party?


I've been thinking this over for a year, longer than I should have.  I kept it open because all those 5 star ratings meant happy customers throwing fun parties and weddings.  I've decided to close the shop January 1, 2019.  I'm hoping to sell all my remaining inventory by years end.  So fair warning ;) you'll be seeing a lot more of my shop across social media until the shop closes.

Glitter snowflakes

Some of you may be wondering if I feel like I've failed with my etsy shop.  I really don't.  I know I didn't put as much effort into it as I should have to really make it a success.  I had fun crafting items for peoples parties and knowing lots of fun and memories were had at those parties.  I got to create things I enjoyed creating but it's time to close this door so another one can open.   And I'm not ruling out the possibility of opening the shop again with different items to offer.

Thank you to all the customers over the years.  I truly enjoyed making your items and was so thankful for every purchase made.

5 out of 5 sta

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