July 23, 2018


Blueberry Scones

Blueberry Scones Brunch 

Blueberry - scones- brunch- blueberries

Everything's coming up blueberries here at Fizzy Party.  I've been baking every week.  For the 4th of July week I made Red, White and Blueberry cupcakes,   the following week was our annual family reunion where I made Bacon, Blueberry Pancake cupcakes to bring and share.  I still had blueberries left over and thought, I'll make scones.  I could just eat the blueberries but I only like them IN things. Their flavor changes once you bake them and they taste better.

Blueberry- scones- fresh- blueberries


So I called a friend and asked if she was free Saturday morning to visit the new kitties we just adopted and to enjoy a brunch of blueberry scones and some bacon.  Friendship is super important and too often life gets busy and we say we'll get together some time and it never happens or months go by before we even talk to our friends. So I was happy my friend was available on short notice.

Blueberry - scones- Blueberries

When my friend arrived at my house she said she woke up craving bacon and than she remembered I said I was serving bacon along with the scones and that made her happy.  :)  We enjoyed a tasty brunch, enjoyed each others company and had fun watching the kitties play. It was a great afternoon. One I highly encourage you to try.


The scone recipe I used is from Baked by Nature.   Her recipe is for strawberry scones with lemon glaze and I just replaced the strawberries with blueberries.  I like her recipe because it's simple and tasty.  Every time I make these scones for brunch's my friends love them and want to take any that are left over home with them.

Blueberry-scones- blueberries

  I keep  reading every where how friendships are dying and how lonely people are now compared to years past.  I highly encourage you to host a brunch and enjoy an afternoon with your girlfriends.  

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