March 9, 2018


Steps to Planning You Best Party

Steps to planning your best party

Party planning.  Those two words can cause feelings of stress in some and energize others.  I think you know which camp I'm in.  Energized of course! 😉  We're going to dive into the steps to planning your best party.  We're talking mini girlfriends party here because as you know, that's what I do best. 

Don't stress when planning  a party.

The biggest step or advice I can give is don't stress.  Your guests will sense it and see it all over you as soon as they arrive.  The hosts demeanor has a big affect on whether your guests will enjoy the party or not.  Be sure to get your What Not to Stress About Guide. 

The beauty of the mini girlfriend party is how easy it is.  You don't have to go all out and spend a lot of money and it shouldn't be overwhelming. 

Four to Six weeks before your party 

Theme- Here's the beauty of the mini party. You don't have to have a theme.  If coming up with one seems like a lot of work or is hard for you, skip it.  This is your girlfriends you're having over.  They don't care if there's no theme.  If you're like me though and can't imagine not having a theme go for it! But keep it small.  You don't need to decorate the whole house, do a big backdrop, balloon garland etc. You can find lots of inspiration here on my blog or Pinterest boards.  

Guest List- I like to keep it to 6-8 of my friends.  That way I can chat with everyone and I'm not rushing around hoping  I talk to everyone for at least a few minutes before they leave.  

Location- Your house of course.  Why rent a place for a mini party.  This saves you money and time.  You don't have to pack up all your party décor and arrive at the place early to set up and stay late to take down.

No entertainment needs to be ordered and you don't have to plan activities.

Three weeks before your party  

Invitations- I like to us evite but you can also send the details in an email.  I don't like to text the invitation because people can too easily forget or it gets buried in other text that come in.  

One week before your party 

RSVP-  Your guests should be RSVP'ing. Sadly, people are getting super lazy and not RSVPing even though it's easier than ever these days.  You might have to hunt your guests down like I do and say, "Are you coming or not?"  Yes, I have seriously said this to my guests before. 

Food- Purchase any food you'll be serving.  Oh, and  if you're guests ask what can they bring when you ask them if they're coming or not, tell them what food dish to bring. 😉

Day before the party 

Food- prepare what food you can ahead of time.  I like to serve brunch because I can make a lot of it ahead of time and heat it up the morning of the party. 

Décor- Set up as much the night before as you can.  Don't be like me and get up at 5:00 a.m. the day of the party and do most of the set up.  I do this because I've been throwing parties for years, I'm up at that time anyway because my man leaves for work then and I have lots of energy so set up is quick for me. 

Tidy up- There's no need to stress yourself by trying to cook, set up and deep clean the house. You'll be up late and tired the day of your party.  The kitchen and bathroom should get a good cleaning but the rest of the main rooms where guests will be just need tidying up. 

Party Day!!! 

Heat up any food that needs to be warmed up. 
Put the finishing touches on the décor. 
Welcome your guests. 
Enjoy the party! 

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