October 9, 2017


Flamingo's for Halloween

Flamingo Party Dessert Table 

** Product was given to me by Oriental Trading in exchange for styling a party. I've been ordering from this company long before I was a blogger. Just so you know ;) **

Welcome back! Let's take a closer look at this dessert table shall we.  Oh, you missed the first post? Pop over here and get more tips on hosting your own flamingo/spider Halloween party.  

Flamingo and spider themed Halloween party by Fizzy Party

The weather was actually nice enough for me to host this outside. You just never know with October in Oregon.  You could have a beautiful day or it could be rain all day. Of course there's also those days that start out really nice so you set up everything outside and then the clouds come rolling in and it rains just as your friends arrive for the party so you have to move everything indoors. Yep, that was this party. I just finished photographing everything and the rains came. Had to tear it all down and rush it inside. 

Add some flamingo's to your Halloween party. Styled by Fizzy Party

When thinking of a topper for your cake try something different like I did with this spider.  Since the spider isn't made to be a cake topper I placed something under his body so he wouldn't get frosting all over his fur and be ruined. 

Spider cake Halloween dessert table inspiration by Fizzy Party

Little details can really tie a party theme together.  Flamingo's on the straws and the pink poms keep the flamingo theme no matter where your guests carry their drink to. While the black glasses and Halloween straw flags remind those flamingo's this is Halloween season, summers over.  

Little details make a big impact when serving drinks at your Halloween party

I like to keep my parties as stress free as I can. So if I don't have time to bake cupcakes I don't worry about it. I just pick some up from the store. These were s'more cupcakes from the bakery and I just took the marshmallow off the top and replaced it with a bright pink gumball.  Then I put the cupcakes in pink wrappers to keep the theme going. 

Pink makes an appearance this Halloween season.

Pink cupcakes for Halloween

Being Halloween I wanted to display the cookies in something other than a tray like I usually do.  This year I went with coffins.  I picked up some plain wood coffins at the craft store, spray painted them black, added a little leftover fabric I had around the house and attached a sticker to the lid. 

Flamingo cookies for the Halloween treat table this year.

Did you spot the little detail in this picture?  
Hint- it's crawling on the fork. 

Pink Flamingos for Halloween

Are you inspired to add flamingo's to your Halloween party this year? 

Black and pink Halloween party inspiration by Fizzy Party

Now let's shop this party so you can throw a fun fabulous Halloween party:
Wood flamingo's, flamingo balloon, hot pink table fringe, pink plates, pink forks, Happy Halloween banner, black balloons  and black glasses- Oriental Trading 
Spider web cupcake stand, cake stand, black table linen- Joann's
Spooky sign- Target 
Coffin box, pumpkins- Michaels
Pink tulle poms- Fizzy Party 
Flamingo Cookies- Gingerhead cookies 


  1. What a cool twist on a Halloween theme!

    1. Thank you. It's fun to think outside the traditional holiday themes.


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