October 4, 2017


Flamingo Halloween Party

Flamingo Halloween Party Inspiration 

**Product was given to me by Oriental Trading in exchange for styling a party. I've been ordering from this company long before I was a blogger. Just so you know ;) **

Fizzy Friends, I decided to go a little different this Halloween and keep the summer flamingo fun going. The inspiration for this party came from an Instagram post I saw on Cake and Confetti's feed.  I emailed her and told her I was inspired by the picture she posted and would she mind if I ran with a party idea based on it.  She was awesome and said, go for it!

Get your flamingo Halloween party inspiration over at fizzyparty.com
I know this is totally small and needs to be MUCH bigger. It was my first attempt at a Pinterest pin. Leave a comment and let me know what you think of it, besides the size. I know it needs to be bigger. 

For Halloween I like to throw theme based parties.  It makes planning out all the d├ęcor so much easier.  It also allows me to pick up items on sale when I see them and keeps the stress level of throwing parties down. Throwing parties for me is a passion so I rarely stress over them but I know it's not every one's passion and for a lot of people throwing together a mini party is a lot of work. That's why I bring you inspiration and ideas and if you leave comments with party questions I'll always answer them. 

Be different this Halloween and add flamingo's to your party.

I like to keep my parties mini. Only inviting over 6-8 friends. This allows me to really connect with my friends while they're at the party and bonus, it keeps costs down. You don't need to buy as much food, plates, cups, utensils etc. 

Flamingo spider Halloween party inspiration over at fizzyparty.com

The inspiration for this Halloween theme was a flamingo cookie on a spider web paper cut out.  Being Halloween I have to have tombstones.  I picked these up at a dollar type store.  The flamingo's are meant for a table top display but I took them out of their stand and stuck them in the ground.  I couldn't find any pink pumpkins so I picked up some faux orange ones, on sale at a craft store, spray painted them pink and sprinkled them with a little black glitter. 

Add a pop of flamingo's and pink to your Halloween party

When it comes to serving cupcakes at your party you don't have to bake your own. Unless you like baking then by all means, bake away.  But if you really don't like baking or don't have the time, don't stress yourself out. Whip into your local bakery or grocery store and buy some. The key to my parties is to keep the stress down so you can enjoy your friends during the party.  I picked these cupcakes up at the store, plopped them into some party themed liners and added a pink bubble gum candy to the top. This took me very little time, matches the party theme and my friends didn't care that I didn't make the cupcakes myself. 

Add gumballs to store bought cupcakes for a pop of color. More tips at Fizzyparty.com

I love to add details to a party that tie the theme together.  The black glasses and straw flags pull in the spider element while the flamingo printed straws and pink tulle poms pull in the flamingo element. When hosting a party think of ways you can incorporate little details into your party. 

Tulle poms add a little touch of detail to your parties. Available in Fizzy Party's etsy shop

For the dessert table I like to have a variety available. I always end up with extras and always send my friends home with desserts but I love desserts and I just like the way a variety looks. I'll be bringing you more tips and close ups of this dessert station in another post so be sure to come back. 

Pink Halloween Spider Party. More inspiration over at fizzyparty.com

So.. what did you think of this party? Should flamingo's stay in their own season, summer? 

Now let's shop this party! 
Wood flamingo's, flamingo balloon, hot pink table fringe, Happy Halloween banner, black balloons  and black glasses- Oriental Trading 
Spider web cupcake stand, cake stand, black table linen- Joann's
Spooky sign- Target 
Coffin box, pumpkins- Michaels
Pink tulle poms- Fizzy Party 
Flamingo Cookies- Gingerhead cookies 

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