July 12, 2017


Deco Foil DIY

Let's Play with Deco Foil 

**Therm-O-Web sent me product to play with, woo hoo!!! **

While attending the SNAP conference I poked my head into the Therm-O-Web booth to see what crafting goodies they had.  My eye went straight to the shiny fun of Deco Foil.  As soon as I played with it I was envisioning all the fun party items I could create with it.  Like these wedding signs here.

So lets dive in and see how easy it is to use Deco Foil.  You'll need some Deco Foil transfer sheets, I chose the Amethyst Watercolor and you'll also need the Deco Foil Liquid Adhesive.   And something you want to put the Deco Foil on.  A card, a sign, an arrow like I'm using in this tutorial.  By the way, I'll be totally honest here, I kinda suck at tutorials and I'm trying to get better. I usually don't take enough pictures but I think I took enough this time.  Ok, let's continue.

Deco Foil products used in DIY tutorial on fizzyparty.com

How pretty is this Deco Foil.  See why it caught my eye...

How to use Deco Foil. A diy on fizzyparty.com

First thing you do is take the cap off the liquid adhesive and start writing or drawing on your medium.   I chose arrow signs from Oriental Trading.  Thank you Oriental Trading for sending them to me to play with.  The adhesive is so easy to apply.  It's just like writing with a pen.  As you can see I fudged a little on the upper line there.  But it's still really easy to use.

Deco Foil diy- Step one on fizzyparty.com

I got a little too much adhesive on the bottom of the F there but I was trying to take a photo and write at the same time. I probably shouldn't do that. You can see how smooth the adhesive flows.

Deco Foil diy step-by-step on Fizzyparty.com

I got a little carried away with the Fizzy and almost didn't leave enough room for the Party.  I suggest practicing on scrap paper if you want to make sure the finished words or pictures are perfect. After you've written or drawn what you want you let it sit for 1 to 2 hours.

Deco Foil adhesive, step one of the process. See all the steps on Fizzyparty.com

After the 1 to 2 hours has passed, I usually wait 2 hours just to make sure the adhesive is nice and dry, you grab your foil sheet and place it over the adhesive letters or picture.  Than you just rub with your finger or nail.

Deco Foil diy. Apply Deco Foil. See all steps on fizzyparty.com

Look how easy that is.  You can see how the foil just transfers right onto the adhesive and not onto the paper anywhere else.  I'm not careful when I rub either, I don't make sure I'm just rubbing the foil onto the adhesive only.  If you happen to rub the foil where there's no adhesive it's no biggie because it only transfers where there is adhesive.

Deco Foil diy, how to apply it. See the whole tutorial on fizzyparty.com

I applied the Deco Foil over all the words and rubbed and than peeled it off.  The other great thing is, if you happen to miss a spot or the colour didn't transfer as well as you'd like, just lay the foil on top of the spot, rub and remove the foil. The spot missing colour will now have colour.

Deco Foil diy on the blog, fizzyparty.com

Ta-Da! The finished product. As you can see there are a few spots that I probably should have gone back over with the foil.
Deco Foil finished product. See the tutorial on fizzyparty.com

Deco Foil works great on wood too.  See how I used it on wood here

Who's wants to play with Deco Foil now?
If you have a project in mind leave me a comment and let me know. I'd love to see what other creative ideas people have.

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