May 3, 2017


SNAP conference Recap

SNAP! Conference 

This year I finally got to go to SNAP!   SNAP is in April and it seems like there is always something going on with my day job in April. So I've never gone. This year I just said, I'm going! There's always something going on in April and dang it, I want to go!  So I got my ticket and contacted Small Moments to create some business cards that said FIZZY PARTY the moment you saw them.  She nailed it.  They look fabulous in person. I took this pic with my Ipod instead of my DSLR so it's a smidge blurry. Makes you want to know what they say though doesn't it 😉

Fizzy Party business cards

I packed up my conference bag with the essentials: Business cards, soda and of course Sugar Wood salted caramels.    and jumped into  my car. Before getting to SNAP I needed to take a little road trip to pick up a friend.  Thank you Always the Occasion for making this bag for me. 

Fizzy Party conference bag

Before I made it to Utah where SNAP conference is held I needed to take a mini road trip to Seattle to pick up The Marshmallow Studio.  It's always more fun to fly with friends.  The flight went quick because of course we were chatting the whole way.

Seattle Space Needle

Woo Hoo!! We made it  to SNAP! I was SO excited. I was ready to learn from empowering women, network with other bloggers and meet with brands. At the end of this conference I just knew I was going to be on FIRE and ready to go overtime on building my party empire. Yeah, that's right, I'm building an empire 👊💥

Welcome to SNAP conference. To read more about it pop over to Fizzy Party

Wooo! Would you look at that view.  The Marshmallow Studio and I met up with our other room mate, Bella Grey Designs  in our hotel room and were greeted with this view.  Hello Salt Lake City.

Little America Hotels room view of Salt Lake City, Utah

We picked up our badges and we're ready to learn, network and pass out some business cards.  If you want one of my party fun business cards all you have to do is order something from my etsy shop 😉😉 I not only include a business card but a little mini swag bag too.

SNAP conference badge

Once we get our yard into much better shape I'll be playing with these chalk spray paints from Rust-oleum that we saw at SNAP.

Welcome to SNAP Conference

I know this looks like all we did was have fun at SNAP, well, ok, we totally did but we also learned a lot and networked our butts off.

SNAP Conference party fun

Ready to party at SNAP conference

This years theme for SNAP was Believe with an underlying theme of unicorns.  Now I'm not really into unicorns. I know it's unbelievable.  I was always more of a pegasus kind of girl. This stage does make me want to throw a unicorn party though.  With a Fizzy twist of course.

Believe in the power of magic at SNAP conference

Alright, let's fuel up with some Lindt chocolate  before we dive into more about SNAP in the next blog post.

Lindt chocolates at SNAP conference, it's magical


  1. So excited for you about your excitement! YAHOO!

    1. Thank you! I have more to share but our laptop decided to bite it so I'll be sharing more soon. Be sure to come back by!


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