February 13, 2017


Oscar Party

Oscar Party Goes Casual 

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When most people think of an Oscar party they think glamour, guests getting all dressed up in their best, and fancy desserts.  Well I don't know about you but I watch the Oscar's on my couch, eating popcorn and in my comfy sweats.  The way I watch the Oscar's inspired this party.   A snack bar themed Oscar party with Oscar in sweatpants!  

It wouldn't be a snack bar without a sign.  My light box has gotten a lot of use since picking it up.  It was perfect for my Oscar snack bar. 

Serve up a snack bar for your Oscar party. Get inspiration at www.fizzyparty.com

Let's get this Oscar party started!

Oscar party snack bar. Ideas and inspiration at www.fizzyparty.com

Refreshing beverages are a must when watching the movies and the Oscars are all about movies.

It wouldn't be a snack bar without cold refreshing Coke. To see what else you should serve go to www.fizzyparty.com

Tie straws in your party theme to the beverage bottles so your friends can grab and couch it for the Oscars.  I used straws with gold stars on them, a nod to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Add a little fun to your snack bar table with mini bottles of Coke. Inspiration can be found at www.fizzyparty.com

So remember how I said I had the idea of Oscar in Sweatpants?  I thought it was pretty funny. I even cracked up a few friends when I told them my idea.  Here he is.  I took a plain gold statue from Oriental Trading and added glitter grey sweatpants.  I think he looks rather comfy don't you.

Take your gold statue from plain to bling by adding glitter. Get more Oscar party ideas at www.fizzyparty.com

Popcorn is a must when watching movies.  The Oscars being about movies, calls for popcorn on the snack table.  And not just microwaved popcorn but special popcorn.  I may be watching the Oscars in my sweats but I still up my popcorn game.  I picked up two delish flavors from Poplandia, White Almond Cherry and Sea Salt Caramel.

No movie party is complete without popcorn. Go gourmet with Poplandia popcorn.

Refreshing beverages, popcorn and candy. The must have's of movie watching snacks. I picked up the classic movie candies.  Gotta have variety. 

Oscar party snack bar. For more ideas and inspiration head over to www.fizzyparty.com

The Oscars is all about walking the red carpet.  Being a snack bar party this red carpet not only leads to more snacks but is made of snacks too.  Star shaped containers are filled with Jelly Belly jelly beans and lead to red velvet cupcakes.

Walk the red carpet to your Oscar party desserts. For more inspiration and to see the whole table go to www.fizzyparty.com

I totally cheated and bought cupcakes instead of making my own for this party.  I usually make my own cupcakes but the week before this party was slammed so store bought it was.  Of course I Fizzy'd them up. 

Add some movie props from Oriental Trading to your Oscar party. For more ideas head to www.fizzyparty.com

I placed the store bought cupcakes in red shiny liners and topped them with a gold glittery star and a Sour Patch kid posing as Oscar in sweatpants.  I followed Party Pinching's idea of spraying a yellow Sour Patch Kid with edible gold spay mist.  I added sweatpants with silver edible powder.

Create Oscar worthy cupcakes for your Oscar party. More inspiration found at www.fizzyparty.com

Oscar party favors and more found at www.fizzyparty.com

And the Oscar cupcake goes to.. Find out at www.fizzyparty.com

When I first told Creating Awesomenessity ," I want some Oscar cookies for my party.  It's not going to be a fancy get all dressed up Oscar party. More like a sweatpants Oscar party".  She started laughing because she was picturing Oscar, in sweatpants.  That's not what I meant but I loved the idea so much I told her to run with it.  And that's how this party came about.  When planning a party you just never know where inspiration is going to come from. 

I have to mention this table linen.  I have been eyeing the table linens from Candy Crush Events for awhile now and I finally got one for my party.  I chose the sparkly grey one to match the sweatpants theme. This table linen is gorgeous and a nice heavy weight.  

Oscar in sweatpants cookies by Creating Awesomenessity for an Oscar party by www.fizzyparty.com

Hee hee, these cookies crack me up.  Can you believe Creating Awesomenessity free-handed these. 

Oscar in sweatpants cookies by Creating Awesomenessity for a casual Oscar party by www.fizzyparty.com

Throw a snack bar movie themed Oscar party. Inspiration found at www.fizzyparty.com

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