October 31, 2016


Opal 28 Birthday Bash

Opal 28 Birthday Bash. Get birthday party inspiration on FizzyParty.com

Opal 28 just celebrated their 3rd birthday with a BASH!  I had to attend because Opal 28 is where I held my first event, #FizzyPartyTropFest  . I love this space.  The rooms are just the right size and the outdoor patio space is perfect.

That brie has my name written all over it ;)  My friend got a hold of the olives and said they were really good.  Platters of cheese, olives, crackers and bread are easy to put together for parties.  No cooking and less stressful then trying out a new recipe.  Leaving you more time to enjoy your party.
Appetizer ideas for your next party can be found over at FizzyParty.com

My friend and I didn't know what kind of cheese that was in the front of the picture there with the sauce over it but it was good.  Putting together a platter of appetizers like this is a great way to try a lot of new cheeses.  Pair a platter like this with wine, add some friends and you have a great afternoon of fun.
Serve up appetizers at your next party. More ideas can be found at FizzyParty.com

Desserts at Opal 28's birthday bash were made by Lux Sucre Desserts.   I knew the desserts were not only going to look good but taste delish.  How did I know?  Because Lux Sucre Desserts made the desserts for #FizzyPartyTropFest 
Desserts by Lux Sucre Desserts Portland, Oregon

Sparkly cake pops in purple to match Opal 28's colours.  When my friend and I arrived at the event I went straight for the cake pops. Tasty and moist, just like cake pops are suppose to be.  I refrained and only had one.  I could have easily eaten 2 or 3 ;)
Cake Pops by Lux Sucre Desserts at Opal 28 Birthday Bash. Get more party inspiration at FizzyParty.com

These happy birthday cookies had the perfect amount of shimmer and sparkle to them.  These cookies were perfectly baked and tasted really good.  I was tempted to load my purse up with them.
Cookies by Lux Sucre Desserts for Opal 28 Birthday Bash. More party inspiration can be found at FizzyParty.com

This cake looked amazing.  My friend and I didn't stay long enough to try a slice but I know it tasted good because I've had Lux Sucre Desserts cake before.
Cake by Lux Sucre Desserts at Opal 28 Birthday Bash. More inspiration at FizzyParty.com

In the back room of Opal 28 Smirk PhotoBooth Co set up.  Of course I jumped right in to get my pictures taken.  Pop over to my Instagram to see my pics.  I loved the sparkly shimmery backdrop choice, the fact that the space was big enough for a whole group of people and you get your pictures right then.
Photo booth backdrop at Opal 28 Birthday Bash.

Smirk PhotoBooth Co had a lot of great props to choose from.  My friend, who rarely does photo ops even jumped in and did it.   I think it was because of the great photo props and the fact that you get your pics right then.  The owner, Skylor is super nice and fun too. She makes you feel at ease and gets you to have fun in front of the camera.  Check out all the party fun from the event here.
Photo Prop fun at Opal 28 Birthday Bash. See more fun at FizzyParty.com

No event or party is complete without some swag.  When throwing a party you don't have to break the bank when it comes to swag bags.  Little items like stickers, candy and other small items make great swag bag items.
Opal 28 Birthday Bash swag bags. See more of the event at FizzyParty.com

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