March 9, 2016


Big News from LA

If you're friends with me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you know I've been in L.A.  And if we're not friends yet we totally should be!  

Why was I in LA? 

Was it to lay by the pool at the Sunset Marquis

Eat my way across L.A. hitting all the sweet shops?

Popping by to visit the house?

Although I did all of the above, they weren't the reasons I flew down to L.A.  Create Ur Plate was!  Have you heard of this company? If not you're about to in a BIG way. 
You all know I throw a lot of parties so of course I LOVE this product.  Even if you don't throw a lot of parties, you're going to love it too.  Create Ur Plate  has M8s to match any party theme.  This is just a sample of what's available.  

So just why was I in L.A.?

Filming an infomercial for Create Ur Plate!!  I told you the news was BIG! I have to admit I had too much fun being a part of this infomercial.  It's hard not too when you're talking about a product you enjoy using and are working with a great company and production team. 

Producer Andy, who was wonderful to work with is filling me in on my part of the infomercial and how this filming is all going to go down.  Where I need to look once the camera starts rolling, that they need to mic me, and to just relax and tell them why I love Create Ur Plate. 


Having way too much fun being behind the camera.  I can't wait to see how the infomercial turned out. 

Cheers! to Create Ur Plate for this amazing opportunity. 
To Bella Grey Designs, Made by a Princess, Wife of the Party, and June Ambrose, wonderful ladies who were onset filming with me. 
I'll be keeping my friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the know about when and where the infomercial for Create Ur Plate will air.  


  1. Thank you so much for the kind mention. Meeting you ladies was so uplifting, sharing stories from all over the states. I hope to work together very very soon, beauty and what a great choice in hotels you have!

  2. Loriann it was wonderful to meet you! Your words gave me a push and I plan on pursing some of what we discussed. I'd love to work with you. Lets definitely pursue that.
    Oh the Sunset Marquis was wonderful. Those beds!! I slept SO good.


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