February 29, 2016


The Inspirational Loralee Lewis

This post has been a long time coming.  I meant to write this up as soon as I returned from BASH last year. Oops!  By the way, BASH is a conference for people in the party industry. Lots of fun and learning at this conference. 

Let me take you back in time to BASH 2015.  One day after the lunch break we had two classes to choose from.  I was going to attend a different class but several of my party people friends were going to Loralee Lewis` class and wanted me to come with them.  I wasn't going to go because Loralee Lewis' style is not mine. I love her work, it's just not me. I'm all POPs of colour and more modern looks. Just before class was to begin, something, besides my friends told me "just go to Loralee Lewis` class". 

I was so glad I listened to that little voice in my head, gut instinct what ever you want to call it. One of the best classes I have ever attended. 

Now, I'm  not a person who is easily moved by words, I'm not into mantras, they do nothing for me and words have never really empowered me. However, Loralee Lewis` class was very empowering. This woman had the whole class in tears listening to her story and then she fired us all up.  This is a woman who didn't let losing everything keep her down.  She drew from her inner strength and went for it. Her story spoke to so many of us and made us really look inward and say, we can do this.  The struggle is real but it's so worth it. 

This quote below really drove home to many of us sitting in Loralee Lewis' class.   The majority of us in the class are passed our 20's and 30's.  As Celebrations At Home said, "The age of Instagram and other social media has given rise to the concept of the millennial generation being King".  If you're not a millennial you may think you've lost your chance. Your time has passed.  Stop thinking that.  Loralee Lewis showed us so many successful people who didn't reach their dreams until their 40's+. And thank goodness these people didn't give up. Julia Child, Vera Wang, Tim Gunn and many more. They didn't say, well, I'm passed my prime, time to pack it up, I've lost my window. Heck NO! They said don't give up.  You think I'm letting my age stop my dreams, heeeeeeck NO! I'm just getting started ;)

Putting too much focus on the Likes. This is not something  I've struggled with, I don't focus too much on the numbers but I know so many people who do.  Too many people get wrapped up in the number of likes they have and get stressed when their numbers drop.  Loralee Lewis told us that just because someone has high social media numbers doesn't mean they're rollin in it $$$.  It's so true.  Focus on putting out a high quality product and not the number of likes you have.

When Loralee Lewis put this slide up it resonated. I'll admit it. I've on occasion thought, "Why am I putting all this time into Fizzy Party. I rarely make money with it, I'm actually spending money to throw parties, it takes time, a lot of time, I could use that time to get home improvements done, travel, get back into great shape etc."   Like Vera Wang, I've thought of giving it all up, but throwing parties and inspiring others to throw them is my passion.  I really do love the whole process of throwing parties.  I can't stop thinking about all the parties I want to throw and bring you. I have BIG plans for Fizzy Party and I hope you stick around for the ride as I grow my party empire :D hee hee

Loralee Lewis stressed this so much to us.  If you copy what everyone else is doing you won't be original. You won't be unique. You won't be... you.  I loved this part of her presentation.  You all know me, I don't follow the trends, much.  My parties don't go viral because they aren't the latest trend, or appeal to everyone.  And I'm 100% fine with that because as Loralee Lewis says:

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