January 4, 2016


Year End Party Review

2015 was full of fun parties!  I'm already planning the first party of 2016, a Galentine's party. I have so many great parties in store for 2016 I can't wait to share them with you.  But first, lets take a tour of 2015's parties. 
Fizzy Party Year End Party Review

2015 was kicked off with a mini Super Bowl  party.  The Seahawks had made it to the Super Bowl so my man and I had to celebrate. Portland has no football team so we adopt the Seattle Seahawks as our football team. Since it was just the two of us I kept the party simple using many items I already had to decorate the table.

February I invited a few friends over for a mini Valentine Party breakfast and sugar scrub making.  I kept the menu simple so we could concentrate on spending time catching up with each other.  The sugar scrub making was fun. It smelled so good and made your skin so soft. I think 2016 needs to have more sugar scrub making parties.

March took me to Montana to visit a great friend of mine who happens to have a fun blog called, Suddenly Surrounded by Taxidermy.  My friend lives on some great property and I knew it would be the perfect location for the  Irish Elk party seen Here and here . I had a lot of fun with this party, it was different from the typical St. Patrick's Day parties you see. I like to step outside the typical party box.

In the spring I did a lot of baking. I love baking for my parties and just because. These Spring cupcakes  were just a few of the many times I was in the kitchen baking. I hope to do a lot more baking in 2016 and improve my skills.

April is my birth-month. Yes, birth-month not birth-day.  I celebrate all month long and I always throw myself a party. 2015 I threw myself a  50 shades of Pink Birthday Party . 2016's birth-month party theme is already in the works.

For Mother's Day I threw my mom a brunch. Mother's Day Brunch  . A yummy little breakfast complete with chocolate bowls filled with raspberries.

Early summer makes me think of upcoming weddings and the bridal showers that precede them.  You've Captured My Heart  was a theme I really wanted to do because my husband captured my heart. I love this sweet them. This party could also be used for a Valentine's party.

Can't let Father's Day pass by without a Father's Day BBQ  complete with homeade BBQ sauce as a party favor for dad.

Summer was a road trip to Montana and a unique fun Big Foot Cocktail Party . We invited Big Foot but you know how private he is.  The woods of Montana was the perfect location for this party.  I'm hoping to do more parties outside of Oregon in 2016.

Early fall we wished my parents farewell as they started their snow birding adventure. Since my parents were moving to Arizona I threw them a combination Oregon/ Arizona Retirement Party .

Before I even saw ALL the plaid hitting the stores I had this party planned and ready for guests. The Fall Holiday Party  was heavy on the trendy item of plaid.  Who knew I was a tastemaker :D

The Fall Harvest party was one of my favs of the year.  This party was loved by so many and I had SUCH a great time planning and hosting this one.  The love shown for this party makes me want to take it on the road in the fall.  I'll bring the party items, you supply the house!

Early December I almost always have a Christmas Open House.  This year I went with the Oh Snap  theme.  I already have some great ideas for 2016's Christmas Open House party.

Thank you for coming along on the Year end Party Review.  Be sure to follow on Twitter and Instagram for sneak peeks and hints of parties to come.


  1. That was fun to revisit all your parties from the year!

    1. Thank you! It was fun for me too. Before I started the post I was thinking I didn't throw enough parties. By the end of writing the post I was thinking, wow! I threw a lot of parties. :D It was a good reminder.


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