September 29, 2015


Podcasts and Parties

While all the party bloggers I know are posting about Halloween and fall parties my blog has been spookily quiet.  Not because I'm sitting on the couch watching soap operas and eating bon bons. No way! I don't know how to just sit and do nothing. I've been busy planning, shopping and crafting for #FizzyPartyFallHarvest.  You can see all the party prep here. I'm also working on other projects for Cupcake Wishes and Birthday Dreams  and A Blissful Nest

I've also been hanging out on A Sublte Revelry.  Here's why,
My friend has been telling me for the last 2 years that I need to do a podcast about my passion, parties!  I'm extroverted, talk animatedly about stuff I'm passionate about and network like mad, no shortage of guest stars for my podcast. I'd tell my friend I'd think about it and she'd bug me again to get one going. 

Why did I never start one?  I haven't had time to research how to set one up. I've been too busy planning parties, crafting and enjoying life! 

I may not have started a party podcast but A Subtle Revelry did! And guess what it's called? Seriously, you'll never guess. Kidding!! It's called  A Party Podcast .  I stumbled across it on her instagram account and just had to listen. The podcast starts with a catchy little tune that makes you want to get up and dance. 

In her first episode, A Subtle Revelry talks with You Are My Fav
  I hadn't heard of You Are My Fav before so before the episode got underway I popped over to her blog. This is the great thing about social media, it introduces and connects us to so many creatives. 

The episode chats about their kids and kids parties and chocolate chip cookies. The kids and kids parties I couldn't relate too, I don't have any, but there was a lot in the episode I could relate too. Melanie of You Are My Fav talks about how she's always pinning recipes and not doing them. I can so relate to that. Like Melanie I'm trying to actually bake and cook some of the recipes I pin. 

A discussion was also had about keeping kids parties more chill now instead of big productions, simplifying and not stressing over kids parties. She talked about how she does all these little details for the parties and no one notices.  As I was listening I was thinking, lots of party bloggers seem to be simplifying and doing less details but not me. I love the details and thankfully my guests notice and appreciate them. Nothing wrong with simplifying, just not my style. 

Although I didn't get a podcast going, I have been toying with occasionally bringing you interviews with amazing party bloggers, bakers and crafters.  Leave me your thoughts in the comments!  

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