May 4, 2015


Craft Warehouse

I'm SO excited!!! Craft Warehouse is open again. It was open years ago about 15 minutes from me and then sadly it closed.  It's back and now only 1 mile away! I have a feeling the clerks are going to know me by name. It will be like Cheers, when I walk into Craft Warehouse all the employee's will say, TIFFANY. I absolutely love this store. Craft Warehouse has items you can't find anywhere else. Shall we take a look?

You bet it's a PARTY! I was squealing with happiness down every aisle I walked.  I was almost doing the happy dance, seriously. I'm already wanting to incorporate these marquee PARTY letters into a party. 
Beach aisle. Walking down this aisle I started planning another party on the beach. I had such fun with the Go Fly a Kite party. 
 One thing I love about Craft Warehouse is the displays. So full of inspiration and colour. I have just the party in mind for some of the items in this display. 
4th of July inspiration. Each aisle is broken down into occasions which makes shopping very easy. Inspirational projects are found throughout all the aisles with all the products you need to re-create them near by. 
EEEeeeeeeee!!! paper mache letters in so many sizes. LARGE to small. So much creativity is going to start happening. Not only are these letters great for parties but they're good for home decor too. 
 Garden and mini items aisle. I see fairy, woodland and garden parties down this aisle. 
Woodland aisle. The closest I've come to a woodland party so far is the Irish Elk   one I did in Montana. This aisle has my brain creating a woodland themed party. 
Scrap booking aisle. So many wonderful choices. These aisles have me wanting to create my own cards again. 
 Summer aisle. You can't help but smile when you come to this aisle.  Look at those colours! 
If you live in the Portland metro area and love to craft, you really need to check out Craft Warehouse in Beaverton.  I'm sure you'll see me there when you go ;) 


  1. Haha! Perhaps you should ask for a special membership so that you can get unit discounts and sneak peeks into their storage rooms for special items! Haha

    1. Christopher,

      What a great idea. I'll have to contact the store and see about this. Thank you for the suggestion.


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