March 30, 2015


A Visit with Dream Cakes

If you'll remember from last week when I attended A Classic Affair Wedding Show  I visited with mostly bakery vendors.  I posted a few sneak peeks on Instagram and Dream Cakes  commented on one of those pics that she didn't see me there and we should do coffee and cake. Fabulous! Networking and I get cake, I'm there! 

I met Dream Cakes  at her bakery in SE Portland. By bakery I mean kitchen. Dream Cakes doesn't have a store front at this time but she does have a great space to bake and meet clients.  While Dream Cakes can create fondant covered cakes, fondant work such as flowers and sugar flowers, her passion is for butter cream cakes. 
Dream Cakes white wedding cake

Dream Cakes white wedding cake
Originally from Nevada, Johanna has made Oregon her home and we're glad she did. Her beautiful wedding cakes have starred in many wedding receptions. I know I could have spent all day flipping through her books filled with cakes she has created. I don't know how brides choose just one. 
Dream Cakes wedding cake with fondant flowers

Dream Cakes wedding cake
Before I left Johanna gave me a mini cake she had created for me. I'm going to have to do more networking with bakers. It was all beautiful with it's smooth sides and perfect shape. Until I got home and squished it as I was getting out of the car. Squished cake still tastes good but makes for a sad little picture.  Johanna made me a white cake with lemon curd filling with blueberries and butter cream frosting. 
Dream Cakes mini cake

As I was about to taste it my cat just HAD to see what I was eating. As I knelt down to show him, "it's cake, you don't like cake" he tried to lick it! The arrow shows where I swiped some frosting off with my finger for him. The frosting is Jasper approved. In fact, he wanted more. After I tasted it I could see why. The butter cream frosting melts in your mouth. So smooth and creamy. It compliments the cake well. The lemon curd was delicious and paired beautifully with the blueberries. 
Dream Cakes mini cake with blueberries
I left Dream Cakes not only with a very delicious mini cake but with some amazing opportunities.  I'd love to reveal more but can't at this time.Follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be sure not to miss continued updates.  

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