February 2, 2015


Pre-BASH Conference Recap

A few weeks ago I attended my first ever blog conference.  BASH  Conference is specifically geared to party planners, event stylists and party bloggers.  So of course this was one conference I HAD to attend. My blog after all is about parties!  If I wasn't a party planner, stylist or party blogger I wouldn't have attended because all the classes were geared toward the party industry.  That would be like me attending a food bloggers conference. HA HA! Can you see me at a food blogger conference? I don't even cook!

I'm going to break up the conference recap into two posts because there was so much information and because I was in Arizona for a week. Lucky me, my parents have a house there :) They're getting tired of the Oregon damp wet grey winters and I can't blame them. Sun and blue sky's in the winter months, sounds good to me.

1. My feet on the famous Portland Airport carpet. This carpet made CNN, The Huffington Post  and has it's own Twitter page. Keep Portland Weird. You see why I had to take a picture.  2. Off I go! I feel I should disclose this plane picture was taken in Phoenix, the sky is not that blue in Portland in January. 3. Gorgeous Mt. Hood. I picked the perfect seat on the plane. Not only did I get this great view but my seat mates were two very fun older women. I say older because both are retired. I've got YEARS before I can retire.  4. The view from my parents backyard in Phoenix.

As I mentioned above, I was in Arizona for a week instead of just 3 days for the conference.  I flew in early to spend time with my parents and to visit a few party bloggers who lived in the area.  My first visit was to Tikkido's  for some delicious wood fired pizza in the outdoor oven she built.  Tikkido has the perfect outdoor set up. It's what I'd love to have except it would need to be under a cover or covered for more than half the year. It rains and or is damp a lot in the Portland area. I had a lovely visit with Tikkido and her neighbors who she also invited over for pizza.

1. BellaGrey Designs  flew in a day before the conference so we could visit some of the party shops owned by party bloggers.  2. This was the first time I met BellaGrey Designs in person but we felt like old friends because we've been chatting for what seems like years online. 3. The TomKat Studio recently opened her shop in a mall in Chandler, Arizona. It's full of bright fun party items. 4. If I had my own Fizzy Party office this pillow would be sitting in a comfy chair in it. It's bright and peppy and little did I know how true this saying would be after attending BASH.

The other shop BellaGrey Designs and I visited was Petite Party Studio which is just down the road in Gilbert, Arizona.  Petite Party Studio's shop is located in the historic downtown area.  The shop is cozy and warm and not only carries party goods but has other items on hand as well.  The owners are super fun and you just know they love what they do.

1. Party girls don't travel light. 2. BellaGrey Designs and I went for the VIP BASH tickets which included a limo ride from the airport to the Wigwam resort. We got to ride with 6 other party stylists, bloggers and planners. 3. The view from our room. Isn't it gorgeous! We never did get a chance to use the pool or hot tub but it was a wonderful way to start each day with that view. 4. Being a VIP we got a great swag bag filled with fun party items. I made the masks, all different, for the VIP bags. That's another post.

Come back on Wednesday to hear all about the conference and my thoughts on it.


  1. So fun! I'm glad I was a part of it - at least for a little while! Enjoyed hanging out with you and taking the "mini" road trips to the party stores! xo my friend!

    1. So great to meet you and hang out with you! The mini trips were a lot of fun. We'll have to mini road trip again when we go in 2016.


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