January 30, 2015


Super Bowl Party

Are You Ready For Some Football?
Super Bowl Party
This Super Bowl Sunday it's just my man and I celebrating. Of course I still do up the table with a mini party.  I didn't do a backdrop or table linen because lets be real. How many of you would actually set up a backdrop and a football inspired table linen for just the two of you?  Ok, maybe some of you would, but I bet more wouldn't than would, so.. I'm keeping it real. 

We're going to get thirsty eating all those wings and pizza we'll be making on Sunday and these printables from Lil Luna are perfect.  
Super Bowl Party, Football party
 Living in Oregon we don't have a football team so we tend to root for the Seattle Seahawks.  Which means, Skittles must be on the snack table. 
Super Bowl Party, Football Party

Super Bowl Party, Football Party , Skittles
 Normally I'm all about baking my own cupcakes but I cheated this time and picked these beauties up from Bliss bake shop. Locals, stop in and get some while they still have some.  
Super Bowl Party, Football Party,cupcakes

Super Bowl Party, Football Party,cupcakes
 Super Bowl Sunday is all about watching the game and eating all day long. I picked up some Seattle Chocolates to nibble on after we stuff our faces with wings, pizza and cupcakes.  
Super Bowl Party, Football Party, snacks, chocolate
Definitely going to need to go running on Monday. 

Party Styling- Fizzy Party 
Printables- Lil Luna
Mini Treat Bags- Fancy That  
Cupcakes and Chocolate bars- Bliss Bake Shop 
Mini Poms- Fizzy Party 


  1. WOW- Amazing, - this is so cute. I know it's just the two of you, but thanks for sharing with us. I think you should invite someone over. Can you call a neighbor or co-worker? TOO cute not to share with someone else.

    1. Thank you Momofall! well, there's a reason we're not inviting everyone over. The electrical switches in our living room need to be replaced so the only tv we have to watch is in our bedroom at the moment. Don't think guests would want to sit on our bed and watch the game with us. Otherwise, I would totally have invited people over.

  2. Sounds like a great party! I personally like a little party.

    1. Jacqui, I do too! I plan on having lots of mini parties this year.


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