February 9, 2015


Honey Strawberry Sugar Scrub

Honey Strawberry Sugar Scrub
Last year I didn't spend nearly enough time with my friends. I let the months slip by and before I knew it it was 2015.  So I decided to have more mini parties focused on crafting, baking and learning new things.  This last weekend 3 friends and I made honey strawberry sugar scrubs.  My friends really looked forward to this get together.  I got the recipe from Tried and True

As we made the scrubs everyone commented on how wonderful it smelled. 
Honey strawberry sugar scrub ingredients
No mini party is complete without food and I took the opportunity to try another new thing for me, making scones. I made strawberry scones from Baked by Nature to go along with the strawberry theme. 
Strawberry scones
I used a heart shaped cookie cutter to shape the scones. They turned out delicious. Warm them up in the oven or microwave and they're just as good the following morning. 
Strawberry lemon scones
I love loft house style sugar cookies so when I saw a recipe for them from Two Peas and Their Pod, I had to try it. I found the dough was super sticky, which she tells you it's sticky but I didn't realize how sticky. I ended up using more flour on my surface then I thought and I think it caused the cookies to taste a little too floury. 
Loft house style sugar cookies
My friends thought these little cherubs were so cute!  I love little details at my parties. 
Valentine cookies
I served a wonderful tasting strawberry bubbly soda to tie in the theme. 
Strawberry sugar scrub
Tried and True doesn't tell you how many 8 oz Mason jars her recipe makes so I'll tell you :) It makes 5.  This scrub make your shower smell wonderful and leaves your skin so soft. 
Honey strawberry sugar scrub
My friends birthday is coming up and couldn't make it this weekend to create a scrub with us so I made her a little fun birthday box. 
Tried and True has a free printable on her site for this scrub but I wanted a different look, so I had Painting Paris Pink create this adorable printable. Painting Paris Pink is offering this printable for free, just click here.  
strawberry gift box
Have fun hosting your own mini sugar scrub making party. Your friends will love it! 


  1. YUM!! I think I need to schedule a Girls Night In just so we can do this!

    1. You do! Might want to make a double batch :) It smells so good and leaves your skin so soft. I don't think I'll buy sugar scrubs any more! and your friends will have fun making them.

  2. I wouldn't know if I should eat the scrub or scrub with it - it does sound amazing! What a beautiful package you put together! :)

    1. Hee hee, We were thinking the same thing when we were making it! It smells sooo good. Thank you Partiologist :)


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