September 8, 2014


September To Do List

I came across Mrs. Lilien's September to do list on her Twitter and thought, what a great idea! I'm always making daily to do lists but I haven't done a big picture monthly one. Her post says, "Speaking of, what's on your monthly to do list? Indulge me, I insist!"  So here it is Mrs. Lilien and Fizzy followers. 

What's on your September to do list?


  1. yay running! Something you can always begin again.

    I'd love to do a pumpkin carving, but they are heavy and very expensive to get in Alaska. Can't wait to see you photos!

    1. Yes. I need to get back into for sure.
      Sad pumpkins are so expensive to get to Alaska. Carving pumpkins is fun!


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