September 5, 2014


Ghouls Night Out- Welcome

Welcome to Ghouls Night Out 

Back in mid-August I gave you a sneak peek of this party. That post has the pro shot by Snapshot in Time Photography. The following pictures I took. 

Welcome to Ghouls Night Out.  
This party started when I spotted the Ghouls Night Out sign in my local Goodwill. I envisioned a party as soon as I saw it. 
Welcome to Ghouls Night Out
Many of these items I already had in my Halloween stock. Wreath by me, Bats by Kimas Konfections , Glasses by SK Designs 

 Can I interest you in a beverage?
Gorgeous fabric you see in stores make great table linens. Make use of items you already own when throwing a party. That table is storage bins. 
Ghouls Night Out drink station
Fabric as table linen from Joann, Bats from Kimas Konfections,coffins from Michaels, Poms by me 

Don't forget your party favor.
Ghouls Night Out coffin party favor
Coffins from Michaels, gumballs from Sweetworks  Coffins come plain. I ghouled them up.

Ghouls Night Out coffin party favors
Coffins from Michaels, Gumballs from Sweetworks, Glasses from SK Designs, Poms by Me, 

I'll have another please.
Ghouls Night Out drinks
 Bats by Kimas Konfections, Poms by Me, Glasses by SK Designs

Ghouls Night Out party glasses

Next week, the dessert table

Did you think I forgot about the exciting news I told you I would tell you?  Nah, I just wanted to make sure you read the whole post. Sneaky huh.

This party will be featured in the winter issue of Mingle Magazine! Available in store shelves early October. 

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  1. YAY, So happy for you that is just wonderful news and so deserving! CONGRATULATIONS Tiffany you totally inspire me so much! Love the Ghouls Night Out and those bats are so cute a perfect touch. Can't wait to see it all in Mingle Magazine!

    1. Susan thank you for your support. You always have wonderful words for everyone. That's what I like to hear! That I inspire others to throw more parties and be a little more creative in the parties they go throw. I'll be sharing more photo's this month so be sure to stop back by for more party inspiration.


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