July 16, 2014


Woo Hoo! Wednesday Outdoor Dining


Yes, Woo Hoo! Wednesday is making it's return. Woo Hoo!  I heard from several of you that you looked forward to this post and missed it. 

What is Woo Hoo! Wednesday?  Woo Hoo! Wednesday started back in August 2011. It was for all the party items I saw that I'd love to buy but either couldn't afford it, had no where to store it or it wasn't versatile enough. Those items you see and think, " I LOVE this! but..." 

All products on this page are from Pier One. I was in no way compensated for these products nor do I own them. I just like their store :) 

I love all the beverage dispensers out there. So many shapes and styles. I want them ALL!  I just haven't broke down and bought one yet.

Hee hee, how cute is this condiment dispenser? This is totally a Woo Hoo! because I would never buy it for $29.95. I wouldn't get enough use out of it. 
 Pineapples are having a moment right now. They are so trendy for summer.  You can have this hot little item for the Woo Hoo!! Wednesday price of $99.95

How fun would this chalkboard menu sign be! This is an item that I love but would probably never buy. It looks to elegant for the types of parties I throw.  Although.... I could totally see this at a woodland themed party with a touch of glamour. 

I hope you had fun on Woo Hoo! Wedneday 
Let me know what you think. Should Woo Hoo! Wednesday be a regular feature again?

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