July 23, 2014


Woo Hoo! Wednesday Dream Office


My office for my day job needs to be, shall we say, uncreative and unarty. It has to be boring office-y looking.  It was recently painted a mauvy pink and I am adding touches of the three fabulous G's. Gold, glitter and glam! But I can't do anything SUPER fun like this,

I'd hang a fun chandelier to the ceiling and get rid of those lovely office fluorescent lights. I asked the facility people if they'd hang a chandelier for me and they just gave me a sideways look.  They didn't say no...

Available at Z Gallery 
I'd hang this fun piece on the wall behind me so you could see it from the hall as you walked by my office. Statement piece! 
Available at Z Gallery 
These fun guys would hold up my notebooks of manuals for the new software system we just got.  hmm, now that I type this, I just may need to do something like this. 

Available at Z Gallery 

On the wall next to me I would do a gallery wall of gold foil prints.  There are some great ones on Etsy. I know because I've been looking. 

I am adding the three fabulous G's to my office. Just not as much as I'd like.  I'll share it with you when it's completed. Who knows, some of this Woo Hoo! Wednesday just may end up in my boring needs to look like an office, office. 

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