May 14, 2014


Party Venue

Just when I was sad that all the party shops were closing in my area of Oregon, up pops Fancy That !  A shop filled with fun party items in a rainbow of colours. Back in December, yep I'm a little behind, Fancy That held an open house event at The Orenco Hotel in Hillsboro, Oregon.  I was excited to attend to see this new party shop, check out the hotel party rental space and meet the owner of Fancy That, Lisa. 
The Orenco Hotel blends in with the neighborhood by looking like other brownstones in the area. The flags at the entrance are the only thing that gives it away that it's a hotel.  This blending in gives the hotel a comfortable feel. You feel a part of the neighborhood right away.  Coffee shops, restaurants and of course, Fancy That are all within walking distance of the hotel. 
When you rent a ground floor room at the hotel you get a cozy patio area with access from the room and  sidewalk above.  Anyone walking by on the sidewalk wouldn't even know the patio was there. It's open yet secluded. 
The hotel manager gave me a tour of the rooms and the patio area which I fell in love with.  Close to the street yet cozy and secluded.  I was imaging how great it would be to sit out on the patio with friends on a warm summer night after eating dinner at a restaurant that is within walking distance.

This room is straight across the hall from the rental space.  Perfect for relaxing after a party.  The room has a small kitchen area, desk area with T.V., a couch and bed. The red door leads to the patio pictured above.
The bed in the room looked very comfortable and I imagined how nice it would be after a party in the rental space to be able to relax in this room. The colours are soothing and it was very quiet.
Fancy That had set up the rental space to help give us party bloggers, wedding planners and party stylists an idea of how to utilize the space.  We all loved the bank of windowed doors. In the warmer months the doors could be left open to let in a summer breeze.
Fancy That had set up a coco and sweets bar with products from their shop.
Little additions to your party items take them from blah to WOW!  Tags for your cups and custom candy bar wrappers are easy and make a big impact.  All items are available at Fancy That's shop.
All of us at the event kept going back for seconds and thirds of those Peppermint Pretzels. So good.
Silly Cow Farms chocolate milk was served. Remember, this was December when I attended this event. I loved the little bottles it comes in and it tastes good too. After drinking all the hot chocolate you could re-use the bottles, they're so cute.
Fancy That had set the tables with matching paper placemats and plates with hot cocoa party favors.  We all got to take a hot cocoa party favor home.

All items used on the drink and dessert table and on the dining tables are from  Fancy That which is located at 1336 NE Orenco Parkway Station, Hillsboro, Oregon.

**All opinions expressed in this post are my own and I was in no way compensated by Fancy That or The Orenco Hotel**


  1. That is amazing makes me want to live their!

    1. Susan, it is a very nice hotel. A great place to get away.

  2. Oh my goodness those peppermint pretzels probably wouldn't last in my home until guests arrive. In fact, they should probably have a special corner on my desk ha!

    The tags really brought the table to another level!

    1. Trisha, it was hard not to eat them all. I didn't want to look greedy :)
      I agree. It's amazing how little details like tags can bring your party to another level.

  3. Gotta love a new party store :) That cocoa bar looks so neat!

  4. Amazing place and looks everything well organised. I love with hot party favors & matching paper placemats and plates which I want to add in my next anniversary party. Thanks for sharing this useful list of ideas.


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