May 12, 2014


Cupcake Prop

What happens when you tell a creative friend of yours you're embarking on a new journey and opening an etsy shop?  You receive a surprise in the mail with creative wrapping. 

My fabulously talented friend TheMistressT of Bubble Off Plumb Productions Inc.  created this cupcake prop for me to use. 
 I love the touch of lace and jewels.
 Excuse the ripped paper. I was so excited to see what America's Next Top Model Cupcake Prop was I got a little carried away when I was opening it.
The poms fit perfect!
 Now I don't have to bake cupcakes every time I make a new pom colour for the shop.  I can use my wonderful cupcake prop.  Thank you TheMistressT!!


  1. That is super cute! I love the detail your friend gave the cupcake.

  2. Such a great idea. I love it.

  3. Very cute. I can see some Lorax themed cupcakes in my future! The poms would be perfect.

    1. Emily these poms are PERFECT for a Lorax party. I can even put them on straws that have a tree bark design so they look more like trees :)


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