November 1, 2013


Reflections on Halloween

Halloween has come and gone.
Halloween usually screams through our house all month.  This year, it whispered.  One would think with 13 being my favorite number that this would have been the  year for Halloween for me.  But it wasn't.  Perhaps it was all the house repairs, the endless phone calls back and forth, taking time off work for apts, or maybe it was the new products I was making in preparation for my new business. Shop opening November 3rd on Etsy.

Halloween normally screams in toward the end of September. I fill my calendar with Halloween fun. Never enough days in October to pack it all in.

3 to 4 loaves of pumpkin bread are made through out the month.  Zero loaves were made this year.  Although part of that is my husbands fault.  He kept coming home with loaves from Great Harvest Bread Co. 
The house is fully decorated.  The kitchen and dining room become the bat cave. 
The living room is filled with spiders and the mantel becomes a cemetery. 
The hallway always gets covered in a cemetery scene.
This year the hallway and mantel were all I accomplished.

2 to 3 trips are made to pumpkin patches.  Two times with friends and once with my husband.  No trips were made this year.
8-10 pumpkins are carved and placed in the yard. Lit every evening until Halloween's end.  No pumpkins were carved this year.
Caramel apples are made. None this year. Nails are painted black all month. One week this year.  Costumes bought. None this year. Parties are attended. One this year. And Halloween movies are watched every day. Five were watched this month.

Today I'm mourning Halloween a little.  How could I have let you pass with a whisper.
Fear not Halloween 2014, I'll be sure to see you come in screaming and continue screaming until the last Trick-or-Treater of the evening.

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shhh, I'm already planning for 2014 ;)  Halloween sales here I come.  


  1. If only there were someone in your FB "web" that would have reminded you of Halloween! :P You had a BUSY October, but by starting your planning now you will find it easier to accomplish your Halloween 2014 Goals!

    1. Yes if only ;) The house and kitty stuff did kind of eat up some time that otherwise would have been spent on fun. Halloween 2014 is going to be spooktacular! Everyone will want to hang out our house for the Halloween fun.

  2. Hey Tiffany, looks like an awesome Halloween! Can't believe you were able to make so many pumpkins? For our Halloween we dressed up the kids as little Frankenstein Monsters - we just gelled their hair up with some gifts we bought from Uppercut. Then we made a little lab. Haha. Here's to many more Halloweens ahead!

    1. I do carve a lot of pumpkins. Sound like you do quite a bit for Halloween too. That's great.


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