October 30, 2013


Halloween Kids Party

I survived! Ha ha. For those of you who don't really know me, I don't have kids. So being around a lot of kids or any kids for a few hours is not something I'm use too. This party was thrown by a friend of mine who has 2 kids. Why did she invite me if I don't have kids?  Because she knows I love parties! and I'm good at getting to a party early and helping out the hostess.  Getting the food out of the refrigerator and setting it up, calming nerves, helping the hostess think of anything she may have forgotten. 

The theme was a witchy one. The hostess was a witch, of course. Most of the parents dropped and dashed.  "hi, thank you so much for inviting (insert child's name). So we'll see you at 5 p.m., great. Have a good time honey .byeeee" I don't think the parents could get out the door fast enough ha ha. I'm sure they were thinking, YES! I have 2 child-free hours. Happy dance.  A vampire, ghoul, witch, wizard, princess, and more came through the door to enjoy the party. 
The house was decorated through out with witchy touches. 
A big kettle of apple cider simmered on the stove and filled the air with the scents of fall.  I was surprised by how many of the kids liked the cider.
The hot cider was a little too hot for the kids so the hostess cooled it down with frozen eye balls. The kids thought that was cool.  
No Halloween party is complete without the classics.  Candy Corn and candy pumpkins. The kids were cute, everyone of them asked, is it ok if we eat some?  Of course it is! it's a party  :)

The hostesses next door neighbor family, dressed as Betty, Barney and Bam Bam Russel brought a healthy spooky treat.  Banana ghosts.
One of the activities to keep the kids entertained was cookie decorating. The kids had fun creating and promptly eating their creations.  As you can see, I wasn't fast enough to get any of heir masterpieces.
The eyes were the kids favorite.
I made mini caramel apple cupcakes.  HUGE hit. Not a one made it home with me.  The kids thought the marshmallow ghosts were cute. One of the ghosts even turned into a pumpkin.
No witch party is complete without a a potion pot.  The kids thought this was magic.  "How did you do that?" "whoa, that is cool".  The hostess never revealed her secret and left the kids wondering.

Since kids have LOTS of energy, childhood Halloween games were played and enjoyed by all.  Bobbing for apples over the witchy mist out of a real cast iron cauldron was a hit.  It as fun to see the kids get excited over this game.

The kids loved the donut on a string game.  They eagerly participated and giggles ensued.  The hostesses husband made the witchy broom from which the donuts were hung.  I thought it was a great way to continue the theme of the party.
Witchy fingers, spider rings, Halloween mini rubber ducks and Shrinky Dinks made great party favors for the kids.

Hope you had a witching good time and gathered some ideas for a kids Halloween next year. Thank you to my friend for inviting me to her little party.

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  1. The photos are wonderful and the description of the party is great! I'm glad you had a good time.

    1. Lisa thank you for inviting me. You showed you don't have to go ALL out to have a good time. All the kids really enjoyed themselves and you did a great job of keeping them busy. Hope you have more parties :)

  2. Better late than never? Thank you Lisa and Tiffany for a fun, well put together party! Great ideas and lots of yums! How many cupcakes can one eat? That is yet to be seen! Karen & Happy (not anonymous! )

    1. Absolutely, it's never too late for a comment. Lisa did a great job with this kids party. She really kept them active. But they're minis ;)


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