March 27, 2013


Woo Hoo!! Wednesday

With Easter coming I thought about sharing a bunch of links to my favorite Easter candy. But then I'd be just like everyone else out there in party blogdom.   So I'm bringing you a cute cake idea from my friend Karen.  This is a Woo Hoo!! because Karen has really come into her party own the last few years. Could be because she has a kid now or maybe she's picking up some pointers from her friend, ME :)  and this blog.

I wish the picture was a little better but it was tiny when she sent it to me and I had to blow it up a little. 

Karen used a car pan set and was going to line them all up in a row but then she thought, I'll shape them into my son's age to add that extra pop.  Clever idea and fast thinking Karen.  

Have you had a light bulb moment at a party you've thrown?  Tell us about it.


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