March 25, 2013


Final Four Party

Guest post by my friend and basketball lover, Dawn. Welcome Dawn :)

Every year, basketball lovers across the county spend countless hours preparing their brackets. And even more hours watching all the games. The first round is usually action packed, with lots of upsets. And every year, it does not disappoint. My favorite part is watching four games at once!

Sadly, my UCONN Huskies were unable to play in the post-season, due to sanctions. But there were plenty of other teams to watch. And new favorites to discover -- who will be this year's VCU?

How does this relate to parties? My best friend and I lived together in DC, and started a trend of hosting a party for the Final Four. For decor, we had a giant poster of that year's brackets (filled out). We also had some posters of our teams hanging on the walls. Everyone wore t-shirts of their college or affiliation, whether or not they were still playing.

 But the highlight for us was always making cups. We took basic red Solo cups -- the quintessential party accessory -- and decorated them. We made one for each team in the tournament, featuring the team's name and a printout of their logo. Because the package contained more than 68 cups, we made some extras for our favorite. UCONN usually had about 4 cups, since many of our friends were fans. The cup for Duke always said "Duke Sucks". It's great to have a rivalry! And this was always used with pride by our friend who was a big Duke fan. The added bonus to having different cups was that everyone knew which cup was theirs!

You can plan your activities based on the timing. On the west coast, the games start somewhat early, which lends itself more to a backyard BBQ than dinner. On the East Coast, we were indoors with games to go along with the game. Be creative!

Other key features:
Good finger food
Good arrangement of televisions -- we had a big one in the living room and a small one outside
Sports themed paper plates/napkins

Thank you Dawn for a wonderful easy party idea. Lots of great tips we can use for our sports parties. 

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  1. Fun idea to decorate basic Solo cups with the added bonus of helping keeping track of your own cup!

    1. Fun easy inexpensive ideas from my co-worker :) Yeah


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