February 8, 2013


Welcome Home

The Saturday before the Superbowl I attended my friends house warming. She moved into a gorgeous 3 story home. Stepping into her bedroom makes you feel like you're at a luxury hotel :)

I couldn't show up empty handed and since the Superbowl was the next day, I made football cookies.

The men appreciated the cookies :)

My friend served veggies, crackers, spinach dip with bread, and Trader Joe's mushroom poppers.  Now I am not a fan of that much mushroom but these were tasty.  I'll be getting those for a party in the future for sure.

My friend had a variety of foods, something for everyone to snack on. Or so one would think. One of her friends 3ish year old daughters is allergic or intolerant to dairy and gluten. The little girl kept wanting to snack but didn't want the foods she could have.  One suggestion I would make to all parent's out there with kids who are allergic or intolerant to certain foods, bring foods your child can eat.  As an adult if there is food at a party we can't eat or don't like we can wait until we get home. It's much harder for little kids to wait. And as a party hostess, try as you might to make sure there is something for everyone, you can't know what  everyone is allergic or intolerant too.  A small party you could ask your guests and accommodate.  But when you have 50+ people coming it's hard to do.

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