February 11, 2013


CNY: Year of the Snake 2013

No it's not a new crime show, it's Chinese New Year (CNY).  Every time I write CNY to my friend I always think of CSI.   You won't find any crime scene tape at this party though.  Last year I threw a mini Chinese New Year party  and had so much fun I wanted to throw one again this year.

For party favors I put candied orange slices in the mini take-out box's.  Oranges are given out at Chinese New Year because the word for orange sounds like luck.

For food I made Crispy Baked Asian Chicken Wings,, and my friends brought spring rolls and chicken noodle dishes.  For dessert I made Chinese Almond cookies.   My husband really likes these.
It was a small mini party, just 4 of us.  We ate, talked and had a good time catching up. I highly recommend mini parties.


  1. Your table settings look wonderful! You really fizzed that party up well!

    1. Thank you Stacy! My friends appreciated the get together.


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