January 7, 2013


Bridal Shower Work Luncheon

Oooh boy am I behind in my posts.  I went a little MIA in December because I had my friend of 24 years come over for a visit so I was prepping for that, getting ready to go on vacation from work for 2 weeks and  Christmas.

Now that my friend has flown back home it's time to get back to posting.  In December a co-worker of ours was getting married so another party gal at work threw her a bridal  luncheon.  It turned out really cute.  Lets take a look, shall we?

The decor was kept simple because we only had 20 minutes to set up since it's at work.

Being December means treats everywhere and over eating. So a salad bar was set up to make us all be a little healthy this time of year.
Sparkling cider was dressed up for the occasion.
Wedding cookies 
Whenever my co-worker makes cupcakes for work she always takes the wrappers off.  She says the cupcakes look better without the wrappers.  I'm not a fan of doing this.  The person serving them touches every cupcake. Even with freshly washed hands I'd rather have the server touch the wrapper not the cupcake.
Little touches like the stamped bride and groom cupcake toppers add to the fizzyness of the party. 

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into an office bridal luncheon.


  1. Pretty dang fancy for work! The bride must have felt extra special that her workmates were this thoughtful (and forethought-ful).

    1. Our co-worker was pretty pleased. It's fun to have little lunch parties at work. Which reminds me, I need to start throwing some again.

  2. I agree, there's so many pretty papers out there now.


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