December 17, 2012


Little Monkey First Birthday

My friends little boy just turned one.  The theme: Monkey banana. Since he was turning one, the decorations were kept to a minimum. How many monkey's do you see?

I would have gone with a yellow or green table cloth to keep with the theme. That's just me. I like to match everything to my theme down to the last detail.

Fresh Pina Colada's were served for the adults.  By fresh, I mean, pineapple chunks and canned coconut.This was the first time I had fresh pina colada's and they were quite tasty.

Along with a veggie tray, quiches were served.  Potato and spinach variate's.

The chicken skewers were a BIG hit with the kids and the adults.  Can you tell?  We eh hem, sampled some before the party really began :)

Mini bundt banana cakes were a hit among the kids.  oops! I missed getting a picture of the chocolate covered banana's. Both dark and milk chocolate were served.

BIRTHDAY CAKE! It was gluten free and vegan because many of the kids who were invited have food allergies. I confess, I didn't try a piece.  I'm all about the gluten and sugar and eggs. As soon as my ears hear the words gluten free and vegan I think, that can't possibly taste good.  The adults that did eat the cake said it was good but dry.
Happy Birthday Jax!

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