November 26, 2012


Beavers vs. Ducks: Oregon civil war

It was GAME time Saturday. Not having cable I couldn't host. Luckily my friend does have cable and was willing to host, woo hoo!!

                                                           Oregon State University


                                                               University of Oregon

Of all my friends I'm the party diva. Hosting many throughout the year. So I was extra excited my friend was hosting and loved how she went all out on such short notice. You see, I sort of emailed her earlier in the week and said, sooo you hosting a civil war party?  {hint hint}
Now I admit, I was expecting her to just order up a pizza and have some soda, maybe some chips. I couldn't have been more wrong.  Her whole kitchen counter was loaded with food. She even themed out the food. Bonus Woo Hoo!! points.  

Meatloaf in the shape of a football. BONUS party points!
Beaver cookies, because all the girls invited, that's right no guys at this football party, went to OSU.  I love how she went the extra fizzy mile and added brown sprinkles for fur, eyeballs and BONUS displayed them in a wood tree bowl.

One of the party guests made a fabulous cheesy fondue and BONUS fizzy points to her too for putting the fondue in a pumpkin. 
I may just be rubbing off on these ladies ;)  Woo Hoo!!

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