August 8, 2012


Woo Hoo!! Wednesday

This Wednesday I'm going to take you into my dream party pantry. I so do not have the room for all these fabulous party goods but in my dream party pantry I do!  

Who wouldn't want this for their beach theme, seafood, Under the Sea party. It's only $2,500, a steal! 
For your summer or fall party, the beehive cake stand. So cute :)
Of course you'd need A-Z. Only $20 each. This is Woo Hoo!! Wednesday ;) 
I adore all the little mini party dishes. Forget the dream party pantry. I need a dream party ROOM.
What items are in your dream party pantry?


  1. I've actually been eying up that beehive cake dish and those letter dishes. I think I would have to say that if I could have an unlimited supply and color variety of stripped paper straws and cupcake liners I would be happy. I've yet to use the paper straws but I think they are so fabulous.

    1. Isn't the beehive cake dish cute! I want it too. I am always picking up cupcake liners. And I love the paper straws too! They're all so pretty and there's SO many colours.

  2. I dream about those big glass beverage dispensers with the tap at the base. Of course, I especially like the creepy Halloween-themed styles, but the universal ones are pretty dreamy, too.


    1. Oooh yes. Pottery Barn had one I wanted BAD but not for the price.


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