August 3, 2012


May the Force be with you

In a galaxy far far away...
30 minutes from my Death Star in my shiny little red TIE fighter.
It was my brother's 36th birthday.
My mom and I surprised him with a little Star War's theme.  
The Sith Lord was pleased. 

Khuuu hooo, khuuu hooo, Brandon. It. is your birthday. Khuu hoo
The Empire feast consisted of homemade Mar Far chicken and fruit.
Birthday it is, hmmmmm
Watto flew in to take part in the celebration.
The Storm Troopers kept watch over the evenings festivities.  Chocolate chip cupcakes by mom. Storm Troopers by Fizzy Party. Storm Trooper idea found here. 
With the rebel alliance squashed. All was well in the galaxy. 


  1. Thank you. My mom and I had fun with this party. I could have gone ALL out but we kept it low key. SO hard to do ha ha

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  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I wanted to do SO much more but wasn't sure if my brother would appreciate it. He did like what mom and I did do though :)


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