July 20, 2012


The Shifty Eyed Bunny

Yesterday, July 19th was my husband and I's 4th anniversary. How did we celebrate, we didn't.  Well, not on the day itself. The tiki party is our little wedding reminder.  We tend to celebrate the engagement more. It's so easy to do since it was the day after my birthday :) and we usually go to the beach for my birthday, which by the way, was where we got engaged. At the beach. 

How did my husband propose you ask. In a very cute way. 
We were at the beach for my birthday and Easter happened to fall close to my birthday that year. See how clever he was. The bag is filled with chicks and bunnies full of Easter candy, there's a birthday present in there AND the bag has a wedding cake on it. 
Keep your eye on that little brown bunny with the shifty eyes. (this is what your English teacher would call foreshadowing)

This is where we got engaged. 
Do I want to reveal where this is? It's kind of our special spot. 
Every time we're down near Yachats, Oregon we stop here. 
My husband and I :)

So here's a funny little story. We're down on the beach, with the bag full of candy. My husband tells me he thinks I'd like the candy in the chocolate bunny best. Remember that shifty eyed bunny I told you to watch out for?
Yeah well, it wasn't full of candy.
You think that's a memory maker? Wait till you hear this. I open up the bunny, sensing something is up. I get a peek at the ring before my husband gets on one knee and proposes while he slips it on my finger. Now you'd think the first words out of my mouth would have been yes. Nope. I said, " oh my gosh, it's too big!" I kid you not. As soon as I said it I immediately then said,"wait wait lets do that again. I just wasn't expecting it to be so big"
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE it. Not because of it's size but because of the story behind it. My husband had spent months going to every jewelry store looking for the perfect cut. The man learned how to use a jewels loupe and knows more about diamond grading than I do. Aren't women suppose to know about these things, not men?
When we walked into the store where he bought it to get it sized all the sales people said, John! You know like they do on Cheers when Norm walks in. That's how I found out just how special this year is.

Readers, I'd say this mans a keeper. 
Happy Anniversary to an amazing man. 


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