July 23, 2012


Tasty House Warming

Saturday I attended a house warming.  We all know decorating isn't part of a house warming, unless of course it's my house warming. hee hee.  House warming's are all about the Tour and food :)

Here's a tour of the food high-lights;

Greg's Famous Fish Taco's 
Cherries fresh from the market
Blue Berry Faux cheese cake. The blueberries are from my friends yard. They have a lot of well established blueberries. I may need to go visit them more often ;)
Key Lime Coconut bars. I saw this recipe and had to try it. It's always nice to show up at a house warming with something besides a bottle of wine. These bars are very tasty. In fact I had to make another batch just for my husband.
Happy House Warming Greg and Lauren! 

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