July 1, 2012


Canada Day


I'm not Canadian but it is only 5 ish hours from my house,I've been to Victoria and Vancouver,  I love hockey, my favorite colour is red and I do know the national anthem (all those hockey games eh), so I could have had a party, right :)  CHEERS to Canada

How fun are these cupcakes from Cupcake Ideas for you
Great FREE printables from Paperblog. I know, I'm too late for you to use them this year but Canada Day IS every year so...
Hee hee hee, these beaver cupcakes are ADORABLE! from Candian Living
 I meant to get this post out on Friday. The weather was nice here and I got so into the yard work that BAM, it was Sunday night.  If you're Canadian, how did you celebrate today?


  1. OMG i love the cup cakes they are so good

    1. Aren't they just the cutest! Thank you for taking the time to comment :)


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