May 9, 2012


Woo Hoo!! Wednesday

While everyone's devouring The Hunger Games my friends sister's heart is with Twilight.  My friend took pictures of her sisters party for me because she knows I'm a party junkie and that I enjoy featuring others parties on Woo Hoo!! Wednesday. Thank you Carole :) After all, Fizzy Party is about inspiring others to throw more parties and have great fun with friends. 

Excuse the fuzzy pictures.  My friend took the photo's with her phone and they were too teeny for you to see so I blew them up. It's the party fun that counts :) woo hoo!!

The invitation. It says, " The time has arrived".  The party started with a tour of some of the places where the movie was filmed. Fun!
The party continued at the house where the guests watched Twilight and Breaking Dawn. 
Edward for photo ops
Plates and napkins to keep the theme going
Even the lamp shade is covered in the Twilight theme
Movie posters on the wall gives you that movie theater feel
No movie showing is complete without snacks
Popcorn and                                      

Cotton Candy 
Don't forget some Bella's Afterbirth punch to wash all that candy down with
What a fun party this would have been to attend.  Thank you Carole for taking the photo's and emailing them to me and to your sister for hosting a girls night movie night. Double feature even..with a field trip! Woo Hoo


  1. Hi! Where did your friends sister get the Twilight lamp shade? Is it a store where you can buy it, or did she designed it herself? :)

    1. She designed them herself. I think she just took pictures and taped them on. When you're on a budget as my friends sister was, you have to be creative :)


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