May 13, 2012


Mother's Day


I won't be celebrating today with my mom because she decided to enjoy some gorgeous weather at the beach.  I don't blame her. You have to grab it while you can around here. 

We'll celebrate next weekend. Unless she decides to sneak off to the beach again :) My mom likes to cook. I do not. I like to bake. And I know she's had her eye on a lot of cupcake recipes so I'm thinking a mother/daughter cupcake baking day. So many yummy ones to chose from. 

Chocolate dipped strawberry decadence from Crazy Domestic 

Chocolate blackberry Syrah from my cupcake lovers over at Cupcake Crusaders 

Red velvet and cream cheese, hello, YUM! From the appropriately named site Lick the Bowl Good . I'm thinking, I'd be licking the bowl clean.  
Chocolate Turtle, mmmm. From Sweet Pea's Kitchen 

Inspired to bake some cupcakes with your mom? It doesn't have to be Mother's Day to have a mother/daughter bake day.  
I'll let you know which ones we end up baking. 


  1. How am I just seeing this?! That's for the cupcake love! What did you ladies decide to bake? I hope you had a great "faux-mother's day." :)

  2. * Thanks, not that's. I shouldn't type late at night... ;)

  3. Ha ha Stacy I knew what you meant. I thought I shared this on your FB page, oops! I shall now. My parents came over today and we celebrated. Blog post up tomorrow :) We actually made something that I didn't even post here ha ha


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