May 28, 2012


4 day weekend Woo Hoo!!

I've been looking forward to this weekend all month, 4 days off. 4 for me because Friday was a furlough day, mandatory day off work without pay. Oh the plans I had. 

I was going to see if my friend Kristina wanted to get together and use that BBQ and Margarita maker of hers. I don't see enough of her these days. 
Hawaiian Grilled chicken from The Girl Who Ate Everything 
I was going to work in the yard, do some spring cleaning, check out some shops I've been meaning to get to. Fire up the BBQ.

BBQ chicken kebabs from Pink Parsley 

Grilled coconut glazed corn from The Girl Who Ate Everything 

Instead I spent all 4 days here,
watching Netflix and T.V. For 4 days! BORING! I came down with a bad cold/flu, not sure what it was. I had the energy of a sloth. Normally I am the Energizer Bunny. Such a waste of 4 days. I did fizzy up my nails while watching DC Cupcakes 
I did spend one evening at a family get together. Aunts, uncles, cousins. I have the best family so I wasn't going to miss this. This is what I was going to bring,(from Lick the Bowl Good)
Since I was sick, I fizzy'd up Costco red velvet cake. Since it's Memorial Day weekend I placed it on my flag tray and added blue berries for the blue in red, white and blue. 
I hope you all enjoyed your time off and BBQ'd, baked and spent time with family and friends. 

To our fallen soldiers, we salute you. Happy Memorial Day.
Today I honor my grandpa who served this country in WW II. 


  1. awwww you had such good plans! So sorry you got sick! I love how you Frosted that store bought cake! Way to pull it out!


    1. I did! ugh, to be sick on a 4 dat wknd, Nooooo. Thanks :) I couldn't just serve it the way it was. That would be unfizzy of me :)


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