April 9, 2012


Vegas treats

Over indulging in Vegas is a given. It's sin city after all.  Strolling through TI  (Treasure Island), it wasn't the pizza in Pizzeria Francesco's  that caught my eye. It was the Cannoli cupcakes.
I mean, look at that! Chocolate shavings atop creamy frosting. I couldn't wait to bite into it. It was my 1:00 a.m. snack :) 
Hmm, this picture didn't look this fuzzy at 1:00 a.m. when I took it.  Inside the cupcake is the cannoli filling. I'd love to say this cupcake was amazing.  It was a little bland. I could kind of taste the cannoli filling. The cupcake was good, but it didn't POP!

My other indulgence, Death by Chocolate at LeCentral bar in Paris.  Death by Chocolate is bartender Kenneth's signature drink and he's the only one who makes it. Funny guy too. Guess you have to be if you're a bartender in Vegas. 
I saw him put Hershey's chocolate syrup, vodka and whipped cream in it. Kenneth calls this drink a creeper. One of those drinks that tastes soo good and than BOOM, you're on your ass. He wasn't kidding. So if you find yourself in the Paris hotel in Vegas. Be sure to pop on over to Le Central bar on the casino floor and ask for a Death by Chocolate. 


  1. I REEEEEALLLY hope you ordered something yummy at the Sweet Factory when you were at the Paris!

  2. Oh, Norene, sadly we didn't make it :( Which means..... I HAVE to go back! When you can go? :)


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