April 7, 2012


Cupcakes in Vegas

While in Las Vegas I took a page from Cupcake Crusaders  and sampled some cupcakes for them. The sacrifices one makes ;)

The Cupcakery  located on the ground floor,waay back in the corner at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino  is well worth a visit.  Even their web site is adorable! BLING, just like Vegas baby!
So many scrumptious choices it was hard to decide. What I should have done was sampled one every day we were there. That's it, I need to go back. Party girls, pack your bags. 

How cute is this logo!
Too many yummy choices. Coconut Bliss, Grasshopper, Mound of Joy, The Julius, the choices. Go to their website to read all about their delicious flavors. 

We finally settled on the Bugsy and Kir Royale.
My husband gave the Bugsy a thumbs up. That's saying a lot, my man is picky about his carrot cake.  You can't see it, but the Kir Royale sparkled :) I was a little worried when I sat down with my gorgeous cupcake. The frosting and cake felt firm when cut with my fork.  I was pleasantly surprised by the moistness of both. The raspberry cake was delicious and you could taste hints of the champagne in the frosting. The flavors blended wonderfully together.  This is a cupcake I'd love to serve at my upcoming Breakfast at Tiffany's party. Wonder if I can re-create it?
Cupcake Crusaders, if you're reading this, have you made something similar before?


  1. I need to check this place out when I go back in June!

    1. You should! These cupcakes were yummy. You may need to buy a 4 pack so you can sample more than one :)

  2. Hey, there! I'm one of the Crusaders! We haven't made our own champagne cupcakes before, only tasted. How did yours turn out for your beautiful Tiffany's party?

    I have also been to The Cupcakery, when my husband and I visited Vegas. I remember getting the Kir Royale, the Grasshopper, the Boston Cream (a favorite of mine) and the Almond Joy. We really liked them all, although the Kir Royale was a little too sweet for me. If you are ever back there, you should try out Sweet Surrender, in Palazzo, and Mad Hatter Cupcakes (off the strip...so not as convenient). But, at Mad Hatter you can build your own cupcakes, including filling! We haven't done a post on our Vegas cupcakes, since my trip there was before the blog launched, but you can check out photos on our Facebook page:

    And, thanks for the award! Stacy is better than I am at keeping up with the cool blogs, so it's nice to finally check you out!

    1. Thank you for stopping by. The cupcakes for the Tiffany party turned out good. They were quite tasty :)
      Oh I wish I would have tried that many at The Cupcakery. I need to go back and get me some cupcakes to bring home. Oh I'll be back to Vegas for sure and I'll check out those other cupcake shops, YUM!
      Ha ha, well I'm so glad you stopped by then :)


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