January 3, 2012


There's a day for everything

I was sitting at my computer one night thinking about all the days we celebrate, New Years, Valentine's, Ground Hogs day etc.  Than I thought, what about all those wacky days that we don't know about. Like today, January 3rd is Drinking Straw Day and Chocolate Covered Cherry Day.  mmm, chocolate covered cherries :)  I'd celebrate that!  My goal for 2012 is to bring you these odd little day's and give you one more thing to celebrate :)  Who doesn't LOVE to celebrate?! If you don't, well than, you're reading the wrong blog :)

Shop Sweet Lulu has a great selection of straws. Polka dot and stripped in just about any colour you're looking for.

I love these for the 4th of July

These lime green ones would have been perfect for our wedding.

Oh my, homemade chocolate covered cherries, YUM! Perfect Valentine's gift too.  I haven't tried this recipe from Just a Pinch but it looks really good.

Or how about dipping them in white chocolate with a touch of coconut, YUM! Saw this on Pinterest but couldn't find a source, sad.

Stay tuned for more interesting days to celebrate.

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