January 7, 2012


Harlem Globe Trotter Day, who knew

Welcome to Saturday, January 7th and Harlem Globe Trotter Day.  Back in Jr High I was a HUGE basketball fan. Portland Trail Blazers were my team.  I use to watch the game with my friend on the phone. Yep, you heard right. We'd watch the game at our own houses and be on the phone at the same time, for the whole game. Now this was before cell phones so sometimes I'd be told to GET OFF THE PHONE! Guess spending several hours tying up the phone lines wasn't a good thing :)

In honor of Harlem Globe Trotter day, here's some basketball party inspiration.

Family Fun to Go shows you how to make these cute cupcakes.

Final Four Basketball cake from Devour the Blog.

This is a fun basketball theme set up by Setting the Mood . Just change the colours to match your favorite team.

I don't watch basketball anymore. I'm more of a hockey and football fan now. But I know A LOT of basketball fans. So next time you get your friends together to watch a game, make some hoop cupcakes, a cake or set up your table like a court and impress your friends. Game on.


  1. I sure didn't know and I have a friend who was a Harlem Globetrotter! I bet he doesn't know, either.


  2. You should be sure to tell him so he can have a basketball party next year :) Any excuse to party!!!


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