January 8, 2012


Bubble Bath and English Toffee Day

It's Bubble Bath Day and English Toffee Day! Two of my favorite things.   In fact I think I'll definitely celebrate Bubble Bath Day today :) 

Make some homemade English Toffee and deliver to your friends in a cute little package. This looks delish! Recipe from The Coterie Blog

Bubble Bath Day deserves a party.  Gather some girlfriends and celebrate!
Party favors would of course include some bubble bath and a rubber duckie of course.  Maybe throw in a romance novel too.

Cupcakes are a must for any party. Who doesn't love cupcakes? Especially when they look as adorable as these.

These amazing cupcake toppers can be found on Etsy at Mimicafe Union .

Loving this little bubble bath hippo cupcake. Found on that fabulous cupcake site The Cupcake Blog.

How many of you will be celebrating Bubble Bath day today?
Or making mmmm, English Toffee :) ?


  1. Are you kidding!? Bubble Bath and English Toffee...doesn't get better than that, except maybe I would add in a glass of wine :) great ideas...

  2. I second that. A glass of wine would be the perfect touch :)


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