January 17, 2012


Happy Birthday Karen

Today is my friend Karen's birthday.  She's not having a party this year. Last year was a big one for her so a  few of us went to the beach for a girls weekend to celebrate.  Because we all stuffed into one car with our gear and prezzies it didn't leave much room for decorations.  We rented a beach house, looked over the old childhood photo albums, laughing our buns off, stayed up late playing Apples to Apples and drinking way too many mudslides, yum! Thanks bartender Carole :) 

Cheers! To Karen's birthday!  Another girls weekend beach trip is needed.

The house we rented was an older mobile home, thus the classic dining room table and chairs.  We kept the meal simple, chicken artichoke delite pizza from Papa Murphy's.  I dressed up the table a little with the napkins. Hmm, where is the confetti? I can not believe I didn't confetti the heck out of that table.

It rained side ways the whole time we were there, it was January at the coast after all. So we stayed in and drank mudslides and played board games. 
This picture doesn't do the rain justice. We were SOAKED just from going from our car to the house which was 5 steps away.

Karen LOVES horses and I had seen the cutest horse cupcakes in the book I recently bought, Hello Cupcake.

Mine didn't turn out quite as fabulous looking as the ones in Hello Cupcake. Mine are on the left, the book is on the right. I couldn't find white circus peanuts anywhere and I didn't have time to order any. So I dipped the orange ones in white chocolate. Mine didn't turn out too bad but Hello Cupcakes look amazing.

Happy Birthday Karen!!! Hope you enjoyed your 5 days off and had a great 2012 birthday.


  1. You may say your cupcakes aren't as good as the ones in the book, but they still looks pretty good. One thing's for sure, you bake a whole lot better than I do.

    1. OH thank you Pimalai :) Ha ha, I bet if you baked as much as I did you'd bake pretty great too. I don't cook, I bake hee hee.
      Thank you so much for the comment. I enjoy reading all of them and interacting with everyone who stops by and joins me on my party journey.


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